Beelzebub (Belzebub, Beelzeboul, Belzebuth) is one of the seven princes of Hell and was the god of the Canaanites.

Description Edit

Beelzebub is described in the Dictionnaire Infernal as a demonic fly and is referred to as the "Lord of Flies"

Milton said he was imposing with a wise face. Some say he is as high as a tower or of similar size to us.

Palingene wrote in Zodiaco vitae that as the monarch of hell, was of a prodigious size with a swollen chest & a bloated face with flashing eyes and raised eyebrows. He also gives a menacing aura & sits on a throne surrounded by fire. He is black as a Moor, with large nostrils and 2 horns on his head. He has 2 bat-like wings attached to his shoulders, 2 duck feet, a lion’s tail, and is covered from head to foot in shaggy fur.

Porphyrus confused Belzebuth with Baccas, while others say Priapus is greater. Others claim he is associated with the Slavic god Belbog or Belbach (white god), because his images were always covered in flies, like Belzebuth among the Syrians. Sometimes he was associated with Pluto, or possibly identified with Bael, whom Wierus made emperor of hell. The name Belzebuth is not found in Wierus’ infernal monarchy.

In Solomon’s Clavicules, Belzebuth appeared as an enormous calf or a goat with a long tail, but with the face of a fly. Belzebuth appeared to Faust ‘dressed like a bee and with two dreadful ears and his hair painted in all colors with a dragon’s tail.’ Sometimes Astaroth appears with him in the form of an ass.

Rank Edit

Chief Lieutenant of Lucifer and presides over the Order of the Fly. The Lanterne of Light classifies Beelzebub as the tempter of Envy

Powers Edit

Causes destruction through tyrants, causes demons to be worshipped among men, excites priests to lust, causes jealousies in cities and murders, and to bring on war. He is known to give oracles and rid harvests of flies

What was revealed to Solomon Edit

“Listen, King, if you burn oil of myrrh, frankincense, and bulbs of the sea along with spikenard and saffron, and light seven lamps during an earthquake, you will strengthen (your) house. And if, being ritually clean, you light (them) at the crack of dawn, just before the sun comes up, you will see the heavenly dragons and the way the wriggle along and pull the chariot of the sun.” – TSol 6:10-11

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