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Abaddon: The place

Abaddon's face

An illustration of Abaddon's face from "The Magus"(1801) by Francis Barrett

Abaddon is known in Jeudo-Christain religions as both the personification of destruction and as a place of destruction. It is derived from the Hebrew root, meaning "to destroy".

Description Edit

It is said that when the fifth angel sounds his trumpet, a star will fall from the heavens and unlock the bottomless pit. From this pit, a storm of smoke will rise and bring with it a plague of locusts will rise and torment men who lack the seal of god on their foreheads for five months.

Rank Edit

King of the abyss and commands an army of locusts

In Literature Edit

- The Magus: "The seventh mansion the furies possess, who are powers of evil, discords, war, and devastation; whose name in the Revelation is called in Greek, Apollyon; in the Hebrew, Abaddon, that is, destroying and wasting." Chapter VII

- S.L. Mather's Key of Solomon: and by the Name ABADDON which Moses invoked and sprinkled the dust towards heaven, and immediately there fell so great rain upon the men, cattle, and flocks, that they all died.

- The Lanterne of Light classifies it as the main tempter of Sloth

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